PinkHockey teams in Denmark



For Who ??


Why a special website for field hockey players who are gay or lesbian? Very simple, because there is more to life than your disposition and besides, it is sometimes nice to play hockey with like minded people. What's more, is that it is always nice to have a some more hockey friends especially when they live in different parts of the world.


We still looking for enthusiastic players to join us !! 


Most Danish PinkHockey players are a member of a regular club and play there at there one level. Playing hockey at PinkHockey is something you do as a bonus on you existing hockey activities. For now we organize from time to time a practice training in combination with a social meeting.

Pan Hockey


Pan Idræt is the gay and lesbian sports club of Copenhagen. We have more than 650 members and almost 20 different sports. Pan Hockey is the hockey section of Pan Idræt. Of course we also joined the PinkHockey family.


We are a new team, but we already have about 20 members in Pan Hockey. A lot of us are totally new to this game, but we have a very competent and cool coach from the Danish Hockey Association – so we are getting to grips with the game fast.


We are currently. 12 members of the Pan Sports who play hockey - and we really want to be more. Since hockey is a new sport in the Pan Sports, giving it a unique opportunity to be part of the team from the beginning, learn the basics of the game and help set the framework for the new community.


We are looking to join the next PinkHockey championship during the World Outgames III in Antwerp next year August.


We have a lot of expats on the team, so the team language is English.

See our webpage for further details 


You are more than welcome to send us an e-mail if you want to know more about Pan Hockey or if you want to join the team.


If you interested: please send us an e-mail here.

PinkHockey tournaments all over the world


We intend to compete in several tournaments, with our main aim being to compete at the Euro Games, Gay Games and Outgames. During this PinkHockey tournaments participants are welcomed from all over the world to join not only the hockey tournament, but especially the social aspects and the parties during this events.


for more info about our next PinkHockey tournament:


Check out our special tournament website or send us an e-mail here.

Everyone is welcome to join PinkHockey, as long you are a field hockey player you are more than welcome to join us. It is not important whether you are a good hockey player or just a beginner. Enjoyment is the most important requirement.





Meet the players and visit our facebook page. For more info, questions or comments; please send us an e-mail.