PinkHockey media archive



03 - 2011


News about the Bentstix;

The Sydney Gay & lesbian HC Bentstix have cleaned up at the Wellington Outgames 2011; 2 X GOLD. 


PUSH Hockey ( UK)

08 - 2010


An article about the London Royals;

The London took home the Gold in the women's and bronze in the men's hockey tournament during the Gay Games 2011.


Amersfoort NU (NL)

08 - 2009


A portrait of 1 of the DHD players;

Dutch Hockey Diva wins silver. A interview with Marike, one of the Dutch Hockey Divas players.


Gay Krant (NL)

08 - 2009


An interview with 2 of the Dutch players;

Wessel van Kampen & Hilde Vossen tell about there experience at the Outgames 2009 in Copenhagen. (NZ)

05 - 2009


"I'm off to the World Outgames. Anyone with me?"

Auckland's North Shore boy Bren JD is heading to Denmark to play hockey at July's World Outgames in Copenhagen.


Zij aan Zij (NL)

01 - 2009


The Dutch Hockey Divas loking for new girls

A artikel about the Dutch girls who won Bronze in the Barcenloa EuroGames 2008.



03 - 2008


Artikel in a Dutch "pink" magazine:

About who, what & where is PinkHockey in Holland, Emmy tells what she thinks and how has experience PinkHockey. 




11 - 2007


A big article about the Bentstix;.

Australia’s GLBT hockey club, The bentstix are chasing gold at the Melbourne Outgames 2008, incl some pictures.



several 2007 / 2009


Some articles about the Bentstix;. 

The Sidney Star Observer has written several times about the Sydney Bentstix hockey club.


Utrechts nieuwsblad (NL)

06 - 2005


Two participators of the Eurogames 2005.

A interview with Sandra Huebner from Germany and Charles Carney from the US.


Spits (NL) 

06 - 2005 


Story about the EuroGames 05;

With a nice picture of one of the Dutch girls playing against the Australian Bentstix, who finest at the end 3th.


Gay Krant (NL) 

11 - 2002 


A retrospection of the 2002 Gay Games;

With a special article about the performance of the Dutch hockey team during the Sydney Gay Games and there achievements



08 - 2002


A article about Inittowinit; Chicks with Sticks;.

The Dutch boys are in training for week and participating in several practice tournaments before the trip Down Under



Gay Krant (NL)

06 - 2002


A article about Inittowinit; the Dutch boys;

For the first time in history off the Gay Games hockey was a sport and a Dutch team “Inittowinit” competed for gold.



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