PinkHockey photo albums




PinkHockey championship albums

During our PinkHockey tournaments all over the World we took al lot of pictures. To get an impression of what is going during this events we invite you to visit our photo albums;


There are albums of: to go there just click on the tournament:


- All the teams who participated during ons of the PinkHockey championships

- The 2005 Eurogames in Utrecht

- The 2007 Eurogames in Antwerp

- The 2008 Eurogames in Barcelona

- The 2009 Outgames in Copenhagen

Photo albums of world wide PinkHockey teams

Af course the PinkHockey teams have there one photo album.


There follow teams have a album: to visit a album just click on the team:


- The Charme on Tour (touring team from Germany)

- The Dutch Hockey Divas (women touring team from the Netherlands)

- The Dutch boys (mens touring teams from the Netherlands)

- The The London Royals (women tourings team from Great britain)

- The The London Royals (mens touring team from Great Britain)


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