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PinkHockey maintains contacts with other (gay, lesbian or regular) field hockey organisations, sports organisations and federations. One of the mean goals of PinkHockey is to organize each year a Worldwide Gay & Lesbian field hockey tournament during a event like the Gay Games or OutGames.


International Sport Federation


International Hockey / LGBT sport sites



International gay and lesbian sport association.




Out Sports world wide website for Pink Sports.



European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation.


Gay Crawler


Gay & Lesbian online directory



The Federation of Gay Games.


Planet Field Hockey 

Connecting the field hockey world.



The International Hockey Federation. 




International gay & lebian search tool


Other Inter. LGBT sport organisations 



GLRF; Gay & Lesbian Rowing Federation

IFR; International Front Runners

ESSDA; European Same Sex Dance Association

IAGLCWDC; Gay & Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs 

IGRAB; International Gay Rugby Association & Board

IGLSA; International Gay & Lesbian Snowsports Association


GLTA; International Gay & Lesbian Tennis Alliance

IGLFA; International Gay & Lesbian Football Association

IGBO; International Gay Bowling Organization

IGLA; International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics

IGFSU; International Gay Figure Skating Union 

IGLOO; international Gay & Lesbian Outdoors Organization




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