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For Who ??


Why a special website for field hockey players who are gay or lesbian? Very simple, because there is more to life than your disposition and besides, it is sometimes nice to play hockey with like minded people. What's more, is that it is always nice to have a some more hockey friends especially when they live in different parts of the world.


We still looking for enthusiastic players to join us !!


Some British PinkHockey players are a member of a regular club and play there at there one level. Playing hockey at PinkHockey is fot them a bonus on you existing hockey activities. For now we organize from time to time a practice training in combination with a social meeting.

But most British PinkHockey are actieve members of the London Royals Hockey Club ans some of them play for the Remnants: to know more about them see below.

The London Royals Mixed Hockey club


The London Royals Hockey Club (formerly The London Guns & Roses) was conceived in 2005 at the Eurogames in Utrecht. 2 London based players had attended the games and played for the Australian men’s & women’s team. On returning to London they decided to form a team of their own.


The Club’s maiden tournament was in the Eurogames 2007 in Antwerp. The women’s team won silver & the men the bronze. We have since competed in the Eurogames 2008 in Barcelona. In 2009, our women’s team won the GOLD & the men the bronze at the Copenhagen Outgames. At the Gay Games 2010 in Cologne, where our women won gold and one of our men’s teams took the bronze medal. In Rotterdam 2011 the men's team won silver. Want to know where we go next time; check out the pinkhockey tournament website here.

We provide a safe & friendly environment for like minded people to play hockey in.


Besides competing in the yearly PinkHockey tournaments the London Royals will be competing in the Essex Mixed Hockey completion.


For more info about our hockey club please enter here to visit our website.


Of course we have facebook. So if you want to know the players or find out if there is anyone you know, enter here.

The Remnants Hockey Club


The UK's only openly out league hockey club for 'not straight' women.

The Rems are always on the look out for new players; aged 19+ there is no upper age limit, and all abilities are warmly welcome.


We have two teams playing in the 1st and 4th division of the SE London and Kent league. We train regularly at Eltham College, Marvels Lane, Grove Park, SE12 9PH, Thursday nights from 8.30-10pm, this is followed drinks in the Crown pub on Burnt Ash Hill.


This is 21st anniversary year for Remnants Hockey club. The strong social scene of the club and its welcoming nature has seen the club grow from strength to strength. The club often have evenings out in Soho, drinks in SE pubs, cycle rides, comedy nights and of course the legendary hockey tours which for the last two years have been in the Isle of Wight.


Matches are on Saturdays at various locations, call Charlotte for further details on 07932647529


Or check us out on Facebook: Remnants Hockey and our website for more info.

PinkHockey tournaments all over the world


We intend to compete in several tournaments, with our main aim being to compete at the Euro Games, Gay Games and Outgames. During this PinkHockey tournaments participants are welcomed from all over the world to join not only the hockey tournament, but especially the social aspects and the parties during this events.


for more info about our next pinkhockey tournament:


Check out our special tournament website or send us an e-mail here.

Everyone is welcome to join PinkHockey, as long you are a field hockey player you are more than welcome to join us. It is not important whether you are a good hockey player or just a beginner. Enjoyment is the most important requirement. 






Meet the players and visit our facebook page. For more info, questions or comments; please send us an e-mail.